“I reflect the very act of conscious understanding of the world around me by cutting explicit knowledge into little tiny pieces and reassembling them through layered juxtaposition into a visual metaphor of implicit understanding to communicate a more mystical robust relationship with reality.“ — Psychoflauge

The artist is interested in exploring jokes and human cognitive structures through the medium of collage. Recursion, thoughts within thoughts. The basis of language, self reflection, metaphor, and perhaps consciousness.

They live on a lumber farm and have access to a wide variety of wood. In addition to collage work, the artist builds custom wooden frames for select pieces of art, sculptures and creates circuit modified VHS visual collages.

“Since the idea was minted, minimalism in art has never fully gone out of vogue—there’s just something compelling about doing more with less. But there’s also something vital about doing more with more, and that’s where the local artist known as Psychoflauge steps in. Collages from the Lacunae, his new exhibit at The Carrack, is a hyper-colored sensory overload of imagery that represents both the history of psychedelic art and the cut-and-paste sensibility of modernity. Indeed, this is a show that comes with a content warning for photosensitive visitors—a show that pushes through the cerebral and into the visceral.” - Brian Howe, Indy Week